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No running costs. The B2B community is financed by a small lump sum per purchase.


The trade belongs to the trade: therefore, as a CX1 trader, you share in the profits to a large extent.


From vehicle purchase to delivery: here you have the complete software and the entire process in your own hands.

Members only: to register you need an invitation from a CX1 member.

...but, don't worry, we will put you in touch with a suitable contact.

Top Car

1) B2B sponsor

You are the permanent and automatic "sponsor" of every new member you successfully invite.


2) Commission

You share in the profit from any purchase or sale of your sponsorships if you are not a buyer or seller yourself ...


3) Next Level

... and also in the profit from their sponsorships - right up to the third level.


4) Your virtual vehicle warehouse

Optimal stock quality, through innovative AI process.

Become part of a strong trading community.

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